Sunday, April 22, 2012

House Family Memorial Tribute

Every person reading this blog has a relative who has died, who is dying or who will die unnecessarily from a dietary related illness. In many cases where our family members have died, many of the deaths were preventable. In many of the cases where our family members are dying now, many of the deaths are still preventable. In many of the future cases where our family members will die, many of the deaths will be preventable. It's unfortunate, but too many African Americans with and without dietary related illness, are feeding their mouth with one hand, while digging their grave with the other.

As you view this memorial tribute, I ask that you keep in mind just how much these illnesses have affected all of our lives. How much they have torn away at the fabric of our families, destroying the health of our parents and grandparents, of husbands and wives, of sisters and brothers and sons and daughters. This short tribute follows the long journey from the places where some of my relative's lives ended to the places they were laid to rest.



  1. Beautiful, but sad, tribute. Heart disease and kidney failure. And losing those youngsters (under 60) was particularly sad. I was devastated when my oldest son started smoking and drinking, for I know those are the preventable diseases that have destroyed so many lives in my father's, mother's, and husband's families...

  2. Thanks for reading this entry and sharing your personal experiences Kanika.